The Income Gameplan

The Income Gameplan

 The Income Gameplan

If you’d like to see how I generate over $100 online per day, just click on the link below my name, it’s a GREAT way to start earning money from home. But don’t stop here, there are a myriad of ways to earn money online AND theres many ways you can choose to use, but not all of them are for you. Here is the ONE way you can literally walk away with a couple thousand dollars.

First off you need to know something about the following:

You need to know how to pick a product that has real, and not just, hype.

You need to understand the weaknesses and trends of that product and then be able to spot them in the market place and capitalize on them. The Income Gameplan

You need to know how to write a review that makes their reader feel you personally approved the product. The product has to have more good than bad, even if its a bad product.

You need to know how to pick keywords and what they are and how to use them.Are they nubile words, or with a little competition. Are the words and phrases the ones that searchers use to pull up your ad at first.

You need to know how to test topics and why they are the business model you follow. You need to buy the product and see if it works for you, then you need to see if the person promising this has an actual track record. You need to write your ad copy in light of what you personally like to do, and then have the seller write theirs for you (you already know the kind of person you are, you just need to get rid of all the attachments and all of those start to look like your campaign.

As a bonus you’ll learn how to use the keywords and phrases. At the time of this writing I put my first campaign live, it’s still not perfect but it’ll do the basic thing you need to get started, which is make me money. The Income Gameplan

Once I started making money I noticed the campaign was really turning into a test model. It went from a few a day to several a day and unfortunately this when this e-book was actually written. It did very well, at the time. Here’s the thing, the kind of people buying this system most likely a first time internet marketer who had never even purchased an e-book before. They have all kinds of questions that all need resolved in order get them to buy, they need so many more specifics that can’t be answered in a few sentences, and if they don’t like your answers there are usually some people out there just ready to tell them the truth behind what you’re selling. However if they DO know the truth they have already read an e-book trying to figure out what steps to take as to starting an internet marketing career. My advice, get out there and get those sales funnel or learn from someone who has already actually done it and start making money.

The 4 Best Methods of Creating a Product Funnel

Creating a product funnel can be a very effective means to grow your ebusiness. Here’s how you can jumpstart this process and make your funnel more effective:

1. Build trust and earn the trust of online users. As you know, people these days are very apprehensive to transact in exchange of eproducts and services. To make them feel comfortable with you and your products, you need to earn their trust first. This can be done by letting these people know that you are really good on what you do and that you are the best solutions to their pressing issues or information that can help them improve the quality of their lives. Showcase your expertise by writing and distributing articles online and by hosting the online discussions on your website. The Income Gameplan

2. Promote your products and services. There is no better way to sell a product than using the most effective marketing tool in the online arena and that would be the product itself. To make sales, you must know how to properly advertise your offerings using the most effective marketing and internet advertising tools by using focused keywords. These could include search engine marketing, social media marketing, blogging, forum posting, ezine publishing, and email marketing. The Income Gameplan

3. Build loyalty and customer trust. It is very important that you keep your customers and you also need to find ways on how they can continue to trust and rely on you. You can do this by truly giving them high quality products and great customer service. It would also help if you can be responsive to the needs and demands of these people and if you can offer them freebies and amazing discounts each time they make a purchase.

4. Create more products. Move your customers to the next level of your funnel by developing new products for them to buy. Take their suggestions and make these people feel that your products is a perfect fit for them so you can easily impress them and make them want to come back for more. Start with basic products like short ebooks, CD and MP3s, short reports, and short newsletters about topics that you are an expert on. As you are learned and as you are getting good results, you can go ahead and go for more expensive products like CD series, one-on-one coaching, advanced coaching programs, Webinars, etc.

5. Solicit feedback. From time to time, encourage your customers to send in their feedbacks or suggestions. This will allow you to easily identify their needs and ways on how you can make your products and your marketing strategies more impacting so you can boost your sales and revenue. They may even send you with additional information or personal recommendations on how you can further improve your products or services.