SEO Why is it that some websites have the same content and look exactly the way they did 10 years ago? Why should you have to design a different web page for each 10 years, and why should you renew the upload every time that the internet changes? Search Engine Optimization is crucial in making sure your site has a strategy and changes it accordingly.

Times have changed. Technology has advanced. It is a fact that by changing the look and feel of your site and trying to continually refresh it, you are leaving a lot of money on the table, and not only is it costing you money, it isn’t providing you with an improved result. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you could refresh your page and ensure a better search engine ranking.

Website DesignThe first thing that you absolutely must do, if you want to maintain your SEO ranking, is to change your website design. Yes, this is now a more complicated task than it used to be but like the many things you can do to keep your old website fresh and up to date, so too can you change your site design to better your ranking. If your site was designed a few years ago, it’s time to change it. If your site was done in the last few years, this is even more so. Luckily for you, there are many companies out there that can help you implement the latest technologies to boost your ranking on the search engines.

Don’t Use FramesYet another thing you can do is to avoid the use of frames. It’s easier if you can avoid them. A good example is having frames on menus, the reason you put frames in your site is because you don’t want to open and close them. That’s why it’s important to avoid frames when you’re making navigation on your web.

Don’t Copy

As I mentioned before, your website structure does matter, and making sure you keep your content fresh is also important. That isn’t the only place you will want to make sure your content is fresh. You must consist of a really good content management system to make your website and your content easy to read. That means that you don’t need to use a lot of formatting to your Headline. Keep it under 20. You’ll make your sentences easy to read if they are only one line long.

Know when to get drawn inDon’t get drawn in by one site having an amazing design and layout. Trust me, the others are just as good. What you can do instead, is get into SEO as soon as you are getting your design ready. For the time being, you will need to make sure that you do some research on how it goes in case you decide to redesign your own website. You can even go to some forums and ask people who have a design knowledge if they have some tips how to improve your ranking, or you can always contact an SEO expert.

How to Become Rich

Everyone seems to have a opinion about this business model. I have read a lot of articles about it and I’ve read a fair bit of posts on forums etc. Apparently it’s a great way to become rich quick and have the success that we all what for.

I believe that the Internet will be around forever when that happens. I have talked to people who have already made a fortune on this, and I’ve been shocked upon finding out some little secrets about them.

They have all become millionaires using the easy approach that the IM all seem to follows. You see people buy this course, read it and then they wonder what they are doing wrong. On the other hand – You watch and see your email inbox flood at the same time. Let’s get right into it.

Under no circumstances should you get involved with any products that will give you instant success. It’s a scam. There’s only a couple of ways in which you can become rich. What those programs teach is the easy way to go wrong. Just like everything there is no quick way.

Firstly you need to educate yourself. study as a business person. You should certainly learn all that you can about the product you are selling. Learn about the basics, but what you really want to learn is the process of how you, as a company, can be profitable from this offer, that product.

Sure you can become a millionaire but you can’t do it if you don’t understand how to properly do the hard stuff, which is in the background work. You see you need to understand every aspect of creating these sales.

How to get ranked on the first page of the top search engines.

How to capture those leads.

How to provide them with great content and products in a short space of time

How to set up autoresponders and marketing systems

These are just examples and I believe you get the point. You need to understand the fundamentals of your business to achieve the simplest way to become rich.

As I stated there are scam products out there. You can not easily become rich with a product or opportunity that is a scam. But I see a lot of people who earn benefits from them. Thing is you don’t always need to go into something that is a scam. You just need to understand what marketing methods are available.

Sure with all the tools and education available on line anyone can do their own thing and become an expert at it. But you only need to learn the basics, and once you do that you can still be very successful.

I teach my students not only about Internet Marketing but also the psychological benefit is one that you have. Nothing is worse than the thought of someone tell you “what, I didn’t know?!??” You can forget it.

P.S mention your mentor and ask him/her to tell you what is a scam. SEO