Proper Keyword Research


Proper Keyword Research

Proper Keyword Research : Advertising effectiveness is based on proper keyword research. Since so many people are using Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing to display ads to the millions of searchers, it is important to know what words searchers use to find your product or service. You must bid on those words and phrases to have your website ranked in the sponsored listings.

The most important keyword research tool is Google’s Keyword Tool — just type Google Keyword Tool into your browser and use the tool to see how often a search is made for keywords and key phrases. You will need to sign up for a free Google account if you haven’t done so already, and then type “Google keyword tool” into the browser to see how your product or service ranks.

The first step is to use the tool to make a list of all the keywords. Select a seed keyword for each of your websites that you are targeting by selecting the radio button beside it.

The first thing the tool will do is look up the previous search volume for the keyword. You can change the volume of the keyword as you see fit however, if it falls too far below 1,000 searches you might want to change it up a bit.

After you get the current search volume for the keyword, you then check your search traffic after you have identified it as a possible good keyword and bid on it. You enter a maximum bid on your keyword if you are going after a sponsored placement. (You can find good keywords at a decent cost with some of the Google tool tools.)

If it is still too low, you then enter a search term that is high in all of the four categories — search, as in Google search, broad, as in a dressed to rob, and exact.

The Google tool will then make a table for you with the search volume for each of the terms you entered. You can see how well or not your chosen keyword causes you to get traffic over time. This will help you to make the decision to either make it a good keyword or abandon it.

Now, I am not telling you to ignore a keyword that is satisfactory — it could be a great keyword but it is also then the next thing you are going to do. Instead, swap it around or create a new keyword. Then you check the search volume of your new keywords and see how well they do.

Get your broadest search terms and partiallyTransclude them into broad phrases. You can then select terms with high search volume that are lower in searches and slightly lower in competition. This way you are able to better target the needs of your prospects.

At this point you are armed with some information from your best search engine traffic results. With the help of Google Keyword Tool you are now able to fine tune your keywords so you can drive the most traffic to them.

 Web Site Updated

If you have a web site you know nothing about, you may not realize that the web site needs to be kept updated. First you have to ensure that the web site is not in its infancy or that it does not have broken links. Once you have a web site check for age and broken links, on a regular basis. To give you a better idea of theAge of Your Web Site read the percentage of the date the web site was published to the web. If the site is non expired then it is quite likely that that it has been picked up by search engines. You may also learn about the old date from your site administrator.

It is perfectly acceptable to work a job that requires you to keep a record of it and it’s time. To ensure that you are on the safe side you must keep a web site updated. This probably is the fastest way to tick off your boss and provide the funds that you need to run the site. You should find out how to look for updates and download them from the site owner. If you can’t find any information, call your web site administrator and let them know if there is a problem. This may mean anything from saving a directory a week or two of work, or it may be a big difference in how long you have to keep your site going.

Of course you have to ensure that the updates you do download are the type that will work and hold your site up to date. Some updates such as PHP and SQL queries will be outdated quickly. Others such as new versions of FTP, PHP, ASP may be needed. If your web site is driven by a database, such as a MySQL, then you may find that the site is not updated for a longer period of time when new versions of the database are released. You may find that a performance issue with your site is caused by a newer version of the database.

If your site appears to be unreliable or that it pops up dates every time you get an error message then you should backup your site. You will need a back up set up at your server that you don’t have to worry about. This is the one time when the sometimes slow the ability to download anything is a revenue loss.

Backup the site by clicking on the File Registration link on your control panel. To ensure that this is a backed up site you will need to make sure that you are backing up your site all along the way. Backing up a web site is one action that doesn’t really worry you, unless you have built it up into a big ordeal. In the event that you are component and do not want to diminish all of your investment, don’t head for disaster. To recycle all of the data for the back up, run through the FTP. Check the log files on hourly or monthly intervals for any strange information. If a small error has developed into a big problem, you may need to correct it. Proper Keyword Research